Researching DINNERSTEIN family
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Sheldon Dan
2017-11-07 03:58:17 UTC
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I am looking for any connection between two branches of a family tree I have
been researching.

My wife's grandmother was Gussie DINNERSTEIN (1892-1968), who was born in Vilna
(Vilnius), Lithuania. Her parents were Herman and Rachel Dinnerstein. She had
two siblings, Anna (1878-1931) and Barnett (Barney) (1883-1950).

Anna married Solomon GROSS (1874-1952) and the family lived in Jeannette, PA,
near Pittsburgh. One of Anna's children was Sarah Gross (1896-1967), who married
Morris BERGER (1887-1958). Sarah had three children, Louis (1914-1920), Joseph
(1917-1986), and Julius (1920-2005).

I noticed that Joseph Berger married Shirley DINNERSTEIN (1919-1996) and had two
children, Barnett (1947-2007) and Devara (1950- ). My wife knew of the Gross
family and Shirley Berger, but the fact that Shirley was a Dinnerstein was
something that had to be a story. I did some research on the Dinnersteins and
apparently many people have researched them. Going backwards, Shirley Dinnerstein
Berger was the daughter of Maurice Jonah (Morris) Dinnerstein (1888-1972) and
Emma (Anna) COHEN (1896-1984). Maurice Jonah was one of several children of
Avrum Yaakov (Abraham) Dinnerstein (1848-1913) and Pesha Bella (Esther)
SHEPSENWOHL (1849-1914). They are apparently the patriarch and matriarch of the

The Avrum Yaakov Dinnerstein family apparently originated in Ilya, Lithuania
(later in Poland and now in Belarus). I think that Ilya was somewhat close to
Vilna, so it is possible that the two families were in the same general region.

My theory is that Herman Dinnerstein and Henoch Dovid (David) DINERSHTEIN, the
father of Avrum Yaakov, could be brothers. I understand that the Dinnersteins
may all be one family, and this may be why Joseph and Shirley Berger may have
been cousins.

If anyone has any ideas about proving a relationship between the two branches,
it would be very helpful.

Sheldon Dan
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Avrohom Krauss
2017-11-08 23:59:14 UTC